Tears of our eyes.

So heavily ridden with tears of the night,

Despair of a weak soul mourning,

For those who are lost in the light,

You feel the fog of sadness

Blind your inner vision,

Oh, what is truly right,

The sanity in your madness
Weak heart,

Does this world know of your sorrows,

The headless horseman, roaming souls of purgatory,

The limbo you are stuck in is Sleepy Hollow,

Look no further to that horizon of darkness,

Look no further,

For demons are parasites of the weary

The seconds of doubt, and lies about the tooth fairy,

They are the living nightmares of our despairs
The tears we drop from our single eye of truth

The pain in the gnashing of teeth,

Cold bones, not knowing what is good

When the hierarchy so seemingly stab us in the back,

Steal our hard earned food,

Drained in the power of gods,

The loss in money and souls
The tears we drop from a single eye of truth

When hypocrisy is the word of mouth

For those who defend the weak,

The monsters who fight monsters,

And in the end grow to become the same villains

The justice in the hands of the public,

All they want is peace,

But brother, when you cut that beef,

The cats shall prey behind the kitchen doors,

And the questions is for their masters, not the poor fouls
The tears we drop from a single eye of truth,

We are the enemies of our selves,

When we let the lies rule our world,

Enemies of change, afraid to try something new,


The foundation holding up to that roof,

When we are too fast to reach to the top,

Shall we not notice, how slippery the floor is,

Careful steps, or you shall fall,

But with all this greed and money,

The world has fallen on it’s knees

And beloved,

You shall cry, you shall grieve

For this is the sadness of our own doing,


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