Self Image.

art by: Andre Muniz Gonzaga

We are so concentrated on self image,

The image formed from the countless pixels,

Taken at the back of that camera’s flash light,

Superimposed, edited and toned down in colour,

To shout out the words beauty and bright,

Smooth face, the eternal youth,

So says the picture, so disagrees your old age,

One wonders

Self appreciation,

We worship those countless images

Breathing the power of spirituality and divine in them,

What looks good on a picture is not really a beauty in real life,

It’s the new world’s nature, where one’s soul is worth a stagnant face of beauty and a smile,

And you call her your wife,


The new god

Crushing so stiff on our little faith and self doubt,

I need to be presentable for the world to see,

But there is no silver lining in this cloud,

For once the beauty fades away, 

No fountain of youth can stop the inevitable fact; you are growing old.


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