There are days.

There are days I feel completely dissociated from the world,

These are the days when I see coffins drop from the sky,

Dead men screaming their ill fated and lost good byes

The day my skin turns pale

And the grim reaper, with the sadness in his eye sockets requests for a hug to feel okay

Then there is the gambler,

Always convincing you of a short cut to the after

But you know the devil with his knife,

Cuts your legs, curves your eyes out,

What path does the truth surely lies
And the constant demons who don’t believe in second chances,

Take a dive,

What worth is truly your life,

But I learned to close my ears and listened to the muse of a consoling souls,

The clarity of the whispers of the dead,

Enjoy this life,before your eyes finally see the end
These days of torment do not truly scare me the most,

For I’m accustomed to the voices and mumbles of the wind,

The noises of screaming hell that makes one sick,

I’m used to seeing the truth in one’s bleeding eyes,

The tears of darkness

And the lies that cut deep

But the moment it goes quiet and stiff,

I fear

For nothing good really comes from nothing bad happening

The single speck of happiness is always shattered by a grain of darkness

It’s the natural law of this world.


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