Higher power.

Ten fingers,
high to the sky,


the utter recognition of a higher being 

other than your ego and deeply wounded pleasures 

of the materialism in this world

Are you ready to hear the good news,

accept for once the manifestation of His power 

on our lives?
Shall you question God’s existence,

and yet the very same breath passing through your nostrils

is by His will?

Shall you question His face

Yet we see Him everyday,

The image of a man who has seen the Hand of God bless his heart,

The sorrows of one, who’s lost a loved one,

But still feels the consoling voice of His word,

That Heaven awaits us all,

The tears of a single child in pain and confusion,

Facing the struggles of this humanity,

Yet under all this darkness,

Their mouths tremble with the appreciation of 

another day, another hope, another chance
The gods of today,

fame, consumes the meekest of all

You surely lose your true image

and even a broken mirror doesn’t recognize you


why do we always kneel down in submission,

the brainwash nature of richness by happiness,

All the cars, clothes, trends,and luxuries

We worship them and yet, none shall die with us

heading to the afterlife,
Are you willing to take a leap of faith

And believe in the divine,

Or shall you box yourself in skepticism

and await the final day to see the truth?


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