Twas the ghost of my many follies 
The tired mind that felt unholy, 

Lust upon a girl, who desired not 

The demon of a hunger streaked monster, 

Ready to feed on meat 

The inconvenience of a feeling of want, 

The urge to conform with my peers, 

This poor world, 
Look at her, 

Grace and beauty 

She sure is immaculate, 

Cleanest soul I’ve ever known, 

But every time I hear the bed creak, 

Her eyes rolled in a momento of excitement,

She breathes pleasure, 

Feeling that enlightment 

Of skin, 

The lust of two human beings 
The emptiness I felt, 

The love I thought I would have but my heart lacked the interest 

Was she just another bad judgement I made

Would it have ever been close to reality of a heart as one, 

Or was it the demon, patting at the back for me to take a hit, 

She liked it, 

But she didn’t truly like me, 

The feeling was mutual 
The mistake of unprotected sex, 

The balance of regrets, 

An acquired virus maybe, 

Oh wait,  she finally had a baby, 


The pain of unplanned life, 

Her face drowned in the later consequences of our actions, 

The question of maybe or maybe not, 

Does she want a child,  does she not 

Is abortion truly the only way out, 

At a point I had my doubts too,

The thing was,  I wasn’t the only one, 

She couldn’t just pin fatherhood to a twenty year old ,

What child would want a father who is cold, 
But it is what it is, 

Sometimes you have to own up your mistakes, 

The pain of labor, 

The tears of a nine months pregnancy, 

The judgement of our parents, 

Irresponsible engagement, 

No sign of true love, 

One way or another, 

This baby doesn’t have to feel rejected, 
The many of my follies, 

Hope I shall learn to love and forgive myself, 

The boy shall not be a mistake, 

They boy shall be my son.


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