My Story

I’ve seen and been in the darkness too many times, 

I’ve felt it hurt my bones 

Crush on my soul 

Slit my  own throat, 

The pain, 

I’ve seen its scar not more than once 
Does it ever end 

Is it ever going to be okay, 

Look at the bright smile I wear, 

But don’t stare into the abyss of my despair, 

I want to open my mouth and say everything is fine, 

But the constant knocking pain in my chest, 

The ever lagging feeling of my heart falling from it’s place, 

The sarcasm hidden in my darkness, 

It all sewn up in my lips 

And the feeling burns from within 

Everyone has angst 

To know who likes them, 

To know the drama in others, 

They yearn the gossip,  and approval of a broken mirror, 
I see past that, 

I see the truth, 

I listen to the mumbling lies, 

And I wish I could cry, 


But the well was already dry from my blindness, 

Cruel world, 

Lose a friend, 

They’ll just eat and sympathize at the funeral, 

But what do they know? 

The pain of loss, 

It drives me mad, 

I feel the world turn, 

I’ve lost the heart to love, 

I’ve been drawn into the darkness, 

So many times, 

I look at her now, 

Whether she knows it or not, 

She has to be my last hope,

The light I need, 
Her bright face. 


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