Heart Broken. 

She didn’t love me, 

Not a single text 

Not a single love song, 

I look up at that beautiful face, 

She feels nothing for me, 

At least,  a friend 

But what’s the use,  if I feel different 

See through your beauty and kind heart 

Love,  my preference 
What does she really think of me, 

Am I truly not worth it 

My esteem so low and weak 

Nowadays I see the grey in the sky 

Shades of blue diluted in the gloom 

The ever colourful world,  moving so slow,  nothing blooms 

I see a drop of rain, 

Freeze amidst, 

The darkness in my heart reigns 
It’s true,  that you were my only last hope 

My true refuge, 

A dying soul

Locked away from this world, 

Till I met that beautiful smile, 

You showed me warmth, 

I showed you my flaw, 
Now the darkness calls, 

And since my underdeveloped state cannot truly fathom, 

I shall go,  with that memory of your smile 

Hoping that one day, 

Some day, 

That one day… 


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