What is life? 

What is life, 

Feeling so low at this point 

Do I need a wife 

Is my life worth a stab at the back, 

With a knife, 

Why ,sometimes do I want to die, 

Despise myself and lie, 

That the world sees nothing past the shit 

And yet they cover their dark sentiments on the little negativity that surrounds your aura 

What is life, 

If you can’t move a leg over your obstacle 

If you can’t open your eyes and see the miracles 

If you can’t speak your mind of the reality being hypocritical 

If you can’t listen an ear wide, to the cry of those burning in hell and wonder what their mistake was
What is life, 

Look at a healthy boy in light, 

But his shadow covers, revealing the hunger of unprivileged ones, 



Money destroys our mindset 


It’s what eventually kills us, 
What is life 

Is it a lie 

If in the end you die 

Coming to realise 

You pushed yourself so hard 

To actually leave everything behind 
Why do you feel a tear in your eye 

When a loved one dies 

Escapes this complicated world of greed and selfishness, 
Oh, What is life? 
Silent Tone.


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