Stuck between worlds 

The reality, such beauty 

But all just feels false, 

A world governed by our minds 

Thoughts become actions 

The actions become our lives 

Attached like a parasite 

Attached in these lies 
But isn’t it comfort, 

To swim in a pool of money 

Win that lottery, 

And like magic,  she finally calls you hunny 

Isn’t it comfort, 

To reunite lost souls 

Travel from the darkness of the forest of purgatory 

And see the one you hold dear, 

Smile at you, 

Speak so clear 

Their touch so real their touch so smooth 

Isn’t it comfort, 

To say I do 

Kiss her too 

Put a ring on that finger 

Champagne overflowing, 

Sweet cheers, sweet laughs 

A new beginning,  hope it lasts 
But the scares of this world between, 

Running but not feeling your feet 

Falling, but not knowing how it is deeping 

Levitating, so high to the sky, 

Where shall you reach 

And that beast, 

The faceless one chasing, 

Cornered up behind bars of steel 

Peeling eyes of blood, popping in the darkness

Sounds of hell, 

Eternal misery, 

The world between 
Wake up, 

It’s all just a dream.


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