For you 

You look me in the eye my dear, 
Look past my truths and lies, 

And smile, 

Warm , so full of life

You touch with hope, 

Embrace me with the brightness of another day 

Kiss me with the breath to be alive again 
You understand who I am 

When they least want to 

I look at you,  I feel the comfort of home 

I want you, 

You the one who holds my heart,

Straight to hers 

The one who lies her head 

On my shoulder in comfort 

The one who I share a psychic connection with, 

Lover of mine 

The love I please 

Even when my mouth runs dry of words,

I shall never lack to say 

That it is you I cherish 

For you are my sweet May 

For now till I perish. 
Line Smith. 


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