This special place. 

​I need to write you some sense 

Perhaps speak to your ever big conscience 

If I wanted,  I would wrap up that grim in your face 

And maybe show you of this place 

I know, 

A wonder  the moment you set your eyes on it 

Is it Utopia 

That doesn’t exist,  you know that 

But why does it feel so real 

A land flowing with milk and honey 

You can smell peace 

Resonate in the very atmosphere;

A place of ease 

And now there she is, 

The one who you’ve always wanted to speak to 

She stands,  face to face 

Your eyes are locked,  see your heart pace

She loves you,  so she says 

See that smile on your face 

This place,  you wish never to leave 
But watch now the shadow creep 

The shadow snaps her neck, 

Her soul is now his 

Two below, two howls, 

You here a growl 

And the moon starts to bleed 

You try to run, but cannot move 

You try to scream, but no sound comes out of you 

The shadow grabs your feet 

Tries to drag you down with him 

And the trees laugh, 

Gritty pricks, 

Utopia turns to a Dystopia 

Down under,  do you wish 

A place of eternal pain 

A place you lose the luxury of being clean 

The imperfection of this life, 

All you see,  

A thin  line between what is sour and what is sweet, 

Wake up,  friend 

I am only your dream.


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