I Met a girl 

​I met a girl 

Deep in my dreams,  I saw her walk 

She was  beauty,  from head to toe

Such perfection,  not even a single flaw 

She looked into my eyes, 

And dragged me to her world, unknown 
I met a girl, 

Deep in  my dreams 

Her world of wonder, 

Why does it feel so real 

She kissed my lips 

Took my hands, placed the right on her hips, 

We danced a familiar dance, 

Music in the background, 

I’ve heard of it once, 

‘Don’t you love how the world turns’

She said in that soft voice, 

Swept me off my own feet, 

Only to see the true meaning of what she speaks 
I met a girl, 

Deep in my dreams,

She knew the world was sick, 

Politics, Corruption and greed 

As I rose from the ground,  I see 

Her dress sweep the dust of other’s deceit 

She runs,  noble and swift 

Look at her lead me,  

To another one’s dream 

Pain,  laughter, 

She knows all this 

She runs away from it, 

The world thought to be clean 

A face of racial uncertainty 

Diseases caused by profanity 

The smile in our fake reality 
She’s a girl in my dreams 

Once I wake up and see 

Her vanish so swift 


I’ll just have to wait late night, 

Till I go back to sleep. 


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