It’s another dawn. 


Look at the hope it brings along 

The mist in the little dawn 

Vanishes in the rays, see dew in our green lawn 

Hope it spells

Another day in our way 

Time to make our lives worth while, 

At that moment of bright, 

The freshness of the morning air 

Chirping birds, 

The magic of the morning flare 

The clear stream,  passing beneath your legs, 

Small pebbles,  the bear you know weight, 

Don’t you truly see the face of God, 

Smiling back at you 

The optimism of another day, 

Does it matter you fell so hard last night, 

Broke your arm in a fight,

Almost lost an eye telling a lie, 

Felt your soul leave for your weary and down, 

Does it truly matter,  if it were yesterday night, 

Did you die, 

Did you fall in an endless pit, 

Did they make you cry, 
Look,  it’s another dawn,

A moment to smile, 

Lose that frown 

Believe in God 

No matter what, 
Life is never perfect, 

For if it were,  we would never grow old.


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