Soul Seeking 

​Soul seeking, 

We all have to take that journey 

Walk through that path 

And notice that crooked hand reaching 

What does it want 

To show us the back of our faces, 

The truth that lies underneath our hearts 

Demons and angels 

They whisper in your ears 

Shall you do as they ask 

Is there pleasure in what they want 

The evil seeks for your righteousness

But the good shall outweigh your transgressions always; 

A term called guilt 

But if you’ve lost your soul 

Is there any chance for you to be cleaned 

One sheep goes astray 

Out of the hundred flock at the dusk’s way 

The shepherd leaves the ninety nine 

To such for the one, 

He knows the others are fine 

A soul lost is worth saving, 

Look at the image in the mirror, 

The darkness creeps away in the sight of light, 

You have been found. 


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