#the watch in my hand 


The moment my life changed

The beauty of the love story in our eyes, the pleasure of falling in love with you, more than twice but the agony of seeing you fall by my sight, so that I can fall in love with you again and again. A summary of the story you yearn to hear about my wife and I. But are you really ready as I untie my deepest secrets, the unhidden truth of this world and the cycle of fate? Are you? Would you believe every single word I tell you? But does it truly matter if your only motive of reading is to trigger that palate of yours for literature? Anyway, I shall say my story as planned , hoping that you will follow.
I shall begin from the moment that my life changed. It only took one choice, one moment, one bullet. Lisa Ann, that beautiful being , the one who stole my heart even before I stole hers; the love of my life, Look how gorgeous she is, sitted adjacent to me. How her lips move as she talks and her eyes looking straight into your soul. Her whole face, it smiled. I was the one driving that night. Lisa had given our chauffeur the day off for what we were embarking on was by no means legal.

“Hey hun, I need to get a closer look. I know they have him there,” My beloved wife spoke. Her soothing irresistable voice, who could really say no to her. I drove close by the government facility, at the rear gate where there was no guarantee of security. It was an off book government project, mostly experimental drug testing such as GMOS,  or medicine. Sometimes they used inmates as lab rats and that is why we were there that day. Lisa’s brother, though not an inmate, had been abducted by men donned in black suits three months ago. After an effortless search, pestering the law authorities,looking through every nook and crany, we finally caught up a lead which landed us straight to the VINEYARD PROJECT.
With my common ties, and bonds with various governments companies, it wasn’t long before the project ended up being endorsed by KEY LOCK ,a group of insurance companies that had me as their chair by then. Risking my own position, I kept accesing every single document about this government project, and I won’t lie, I had to go deeper into my pockets just to get favours. Believe me, in such a world like this, sometimes you just have to let the money do the convincing.
By now you might have guessed why I was accessing those classified files, because my wife asked me to. She had been torn by her brother’s disappearance. You could see it written all over her face. The moment you fall in love with someone, I promise you, you will be willing to do anything for them, even if it meant dying.
“You stay in the car, while I go to check things out,” Lisa spoke, “No , I’ll go with you, ” “You might be brave, but not that smart,” she said as she kissed my lips. Perhaps she was right, I had varlour, but no strategy. I was business smart but she was twice an Einstein. That is scientists for you. I held her arms one last time, my hand lifting her chin, looking straight into her eyes. Gosh, she was beautiful. I was falling in love with her again and again. My soft voice slithered out my mouth, ‘please don’t go, we can always come later,’
“Seriously, hun, It’s just a single peek, and will be out of here in no time, that is definitely not worth losing your job if I get caught,” she had a point, and was even more convincing when she mentioned a jaccuzi, a bottle of red wine and some Netflix. Who would say no to such an offer. All I had to do is wait in the car, giving extra eyes incase someone creeped behind my wife.
Zooming through my binoculars, seeing that body of hers. Wow she’s beautiful. Who would want to ever leave such a sight. See her fading from my eyes. It was the moment my life changed, the moment I had to cry. 

One shot, one bullet. That was the noise that pierced my ears. For a moment, I thought she had stubbed her toe onto something which was making her trip but then, I noticed she never woke up from the ground after falling. I couldn’t stay in the car anymore. I rushed through the darkness , near the bridge of the chemical plant, where my beautiful Lisa had fallen.
”Lisa , are you alright, Lisa, Lisa, Oh my God, you are bleeding, ” my heart raced so fast, I felt all weary, for the fact is I can’t truly stand the sight of blood. I knelt by her , holding her firmly reassuring I would get some help. The last tears in her eyes welled up, the last breath in her mouth vapoured to my face, ” You have to let me go, it’s the only way,” she  said hoarsely. I had dialled for help, but the vivid truth was, they would not make it in time to save her. I could not hold back from crying, I mean she is my wife, the pain of losing her was to much to bear. She looked into my eyes one last time and she smiled, 

a secret she only knew to herself. I was going to be okay, that was the expression in her face.
While I was still caught up in my moment of grief, I felt the heavy world descend on my head. It was more than a whack. That was the moment when I blacked out. The moment my life truly changed. That feeling of every single thought and memory rewinding in the back of your mind so fast, the feeling of being lost in oblivion; confusion . Nothingness. For a moment, you knew your life at the back of your hand; the next, every single trace of your existence gets erased from your mind.
I woke up a little numb, covered in blood. I twitched a little and turned my eyes to the right. There was a body lying in a pool of blood. My right hand was firmly clinging onto a knife. She was lifeless. Whoever she was, she did not desrve to die that way. Maybe  I killed her. But why could I not remember? Why was I feeling so numb in my head?
Before I could comprehend what had truly transpired, the sounds of sirens loomed the surrounding. Someone had called the police. Maybe she did before I took her life. I could not really put two and two. 

“Sir, put your hands behind your head and turn around,” a voice of authority boomed. I felt lost, I had no choice but to cooperate. Maybe I deserved it. Three officers came to where I was standing and cuffed me. For a moment they hesitated on seeing who I was. They led me into the back of their car, where I drowned in my own silence.
“All that wealth, all that money, why throw it away by killing your own wife?” one officer asked. I had no clue of what he spoke about, so I remained mum. “Well, friend where you are going, not even your money can get you out of it.”



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