Swimming in the river.


Indian boys swimming, google.

Swimming in the river, 

The current tickles my skin 

The fish lick my chin, 

My eyes turn red, the murky waters blurring my vision, 

One gulp, one swallow 

The water is full of shit 

But I keep swimming in the river 

Pulling my hands apart pushing my legs backwards 

I propel further 

The thrill of swimming in the river 

Not worrying really what’s waiting at the east of the river bank 

A crocodile perhaps, 

Or ducks with their feet in flaps 

Small streams branching away leaving gaps, 

Rocks,  balancing on the river beds, 

And if you end up stubbing your toe in one of them,  oh snap!

Swimming in the river 

Till sunset, 

That’s all I have. 


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