​At this point  I am lost

Confused,  murmurs of thoughts 

My face, growing weary and old 

Am I truly a monster 

Did I really hit hard this time

Pushing past the boundary 

Of reality and fantasy? 

What wrong have I truly done this time 

I am confused 

Lost my words 

My lips are fused 

I always thought of a world 

Where we are all a muse 

Strings and chords 

A melody 

You my rhythm,  and I your blues
The world looks at me with crazy eyes 

The pressure, 

All I want to do is sip and lie 

Another day comes forth

Another scar on my skin so wide 

Another sneer another smirk 

Gazing eyes 

At the end of the day 

My sweat I shall drink and pray 

That tomorrow can never come. 


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