Roadkill…trick or treat;)



Roadkill….i was trolling the web for images to grace the attention of your lovely eyes.Stuff that you could relate to by just looking at once. WEll, this is what caught my eye, literally, its simplicity just reeled me in…thus the word that was at the top of my subconscious thought as i awed in its attractive pull..ROADKILL….however, as emotions do, mine took a detour, a twist, the fork in the road, and here i go starting the poetry before it begins. Well go ahead,….revel in the unknown that lies ahead….( heart hasn’t yet graced the tarmac of emotions and my conscious has therefore not conjured up a read worth the picture and title…we are however a working progress, its why we wake up everyday….pps…i appreciate all of you that take the time. its an indescribable pleasure….ppps….share the links yoh;);))


i learned the spell didn’t i?

watched the movies,


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