My Voice 

​Bring back my voice 

Bring back my poetry 

Bring back the noise 

This world we live in, 

With all the vices and deceit, 

This world is real 

What sense does it make 

When we want change 

Yet our inner garments remain unclean 

Do we have to go on watching others suck us dry 

Or just like them, 

We reveal our sharp talons, tearing off the meat of democracy 

Every man scrambling for a piece of this nation
Should we strangle the greedy 

Rip off the hearts of the aristocrats

Punish the diplomats 

Of their since 

And yet they are human like us 

Who watched their predecessors oppress them 

And knew the real face of this world, 

Nothing lasts,  opportunities need to be taken 

Stomachs need to be fed

For that is the way 

The path we chose for them. 


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