Am Sorry 

​Sorry it’s been a while since I took my ink on paper 

Bleeding those rhymes 

With my thoughts floating like a feather 

For this are the times 

That I get swallowed by my own life 

Much of the earth’s happening 

Do I really want to sit and watch 

Act like I understand, the souls lost 

In the shadows of the greedy lot 

Shall I open my eyes to see the days pass by 

Friends turning against my 

Own back 

Blood filling my lungs, 

I choking, just seeing blank 

No sense 
Am sorry I took time to say what’s deepest in my heart 

My life turned blunt 

Am lost in my own imagination 

A utopia of thoughts 

A peaceful world of sort 

Am I a coward if all I want 

Is to stay forever stuck in that world 
Am sorry I took long to write 

But if you truly knew my plight 

You probably might 

Understand that strong light 

Being sucked by the darkness right in front of my eyes 
Am sorry I couldn’t write sooner 

Am sorry my thoughts were jumbled up and I can’t straighten them like a ruler 

Am sorry, you can’t see my true face 

For what I’ve faced in the past space of time has just been a pace to weaken my grace and untie that lace so that I can’t win the race
Am sorry I took long to write 

But now I hope you know why. 


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