We are just wearing masks 

Can you see that 

Our faces, maimed and distorted by the disgust 

Found in this our world 

How shall we conform 

What is the secret in fitting in

Shall we go on our lives to plead 

Or end up selling our souls to the devil, 

Hoping that we shan’t bleed 
What is right anymore 

What do you make of this new world of ours 

The evil within, so inevitable, so necessary 

How else will we cohese 

If a brother from the hood is not shot dead 

Does it always have to be this way 

Wearing masks 

To disguise our true nature 
The mask that blinds our eyes from corruption 

The mask that blinds us from the insanity and destruction 

Oozing from the crack at the bottom of the earth 

The mask that we with ill intentions  wear to disguise our selves as angels 

Before striking our uknown victim
Are you willing to wear that mask, 

That keeps lying to you that the world is alright? 

Are you? 


8 thoughts on “Masks 

  1. Paul I could understand Paulitics.
    I could know you as a Poem.
    You are big fan of Poetry.
    The lines of Poetry go with ease.
    From your ever thinking mind.
    Yes! I am convinced of the Masks.
    Everyone of us wear them.
    Knowingly or Unknowingly.
    The are freely available.
    Anyone need not pay for them.
    Mask is a trick.
    It does Good sometimes.
    To do Bad most times it is worn.
    What to tell more of Masks.
    All of it is already told by YOU.
    I am Delighted.
    Love to You,

    Liked by 1 person

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