“Girl, I don’t know how to start this  

But allow me to say, please 

That you’ve swept me out of my feet ”
“Then get up,  the dust covering your knees, do you just want to fill your lungs with dirt and sneeze” 
“Funny speech, it would be more better if your moving lips touched mine 

Such a moment so sweet ”
“Hold on,  a moment please.

The only thing touching my lips is a cup of coffee , straw sticking from an apple juice, or the words within me ”
“Sigh,  the hardest ones are always my specialties

For I love challenges 

Puzzles need to be solved 

You beautiful, sassy and bold 

Am ready to read your face underneath that complexity 

Even if it will take me eternity ”
“Boy,  you are not even my type 

You sound nice 

But I’ve lived long enough to know under that enthusiasm  is a big fat lie 

Is it my thighs 

That you so lust for 

Or my physique you keep ogling at 

Am I a mere sex toy to your eyes 

What is your true motive 

For if it were love, 

I would see through your soul 

And look at a clean heart”


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