Our Story 

A bright day it was when I met you,
There were butterflies around,

Maybe just to grace this occasion,

The fragrance of the roses rented the air,

I looked at you seated in the woods,

And some wave of attraction passed within me,

I didn’t understand what had turned me on,

Could be the soft skin upon your chest,

The outlines of your breast,

Your engaging neck,

The curves of your mesmerizing body,

Or even your soft full enticing lips,

That then,I had found so hard to resist,

Love at first sight… I thought

I wanted to be the one,

One to always kiss your tears away,

To soothe you to sleep each night,

Yes,you girl next door,

I moved closer and touched,

And without resistance like fish to water,

You let your arms fall gracely on me,

Then with soothing tone said,

“I thought you’d never do this

I want you…”

I stood you to your feet beb,

And like a slave you obliged,

I hugged you with the warmth of my arms,

Then with passion so profound,

I gave you my best of kisses,

Then Into your ear whispered the three little famous words,


Then down came the showers from heaven,

Maybe,just maybe,

To grace this reminiscent moment.

By Phyllo (ODP) 

From the archives



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