Love involving us two. 

​I’m using my words again 

I’m in love and sometimes it causes me pain 

My dear, 

Seeing you everyday 

Looking through your soul, 

Past your kind smile 

Imagining those lips on mine 

It’s your heart I’ve been wishing for the most 
Shall I describe your beauty 

Oh precious, 

Locks of hair past swaying past your shoulders 

Black and silky 

Your eyes are pearl,  hypnotising 

Seeing the unseeable 

Such beauty, 

It draws me 

To you 

Look at your soft asian skin, 

Body not fat not thin 

And the way you wear that sari 

It just fits in 

Will I lie when I say, I want you all for myself 

Or is it too selfish for it being your love that I felt 
Look straight into my eyes 

Do you see a future that involves you and I? 

For once,  let the world stop for a moment 

Forget the so tradition and the heritage of our people 

Let our love not be bound by others around us 

But by the two of us 

I shall hold your hand, 

If you will hold mine 

Bend my head towards you 

And all you will hear is the whispers 

That I love you. 
By a random guy for a random girl who’s Asian. 


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