Teach me how to walk 



Father hold me,

Teach me how to walk

Again and again

The air is getting thinner

The life is getting harder

Right choices,

Today they tend to be fewer

But by your feet

I know you’ll always make me newer

Than what I have been before
Teach me how to walk Father,

Please teach me

Give me the breath of a toddler once more

Let me see through those innocent eyes

For what the world is

Make me a new

In my heart renew the once known peace

When I trip and fall,

Father I pray that you will be by my side to hold me

Teach me how to walk

Father please teach me,

The world full of darkness

It blinds me with such brightness

Can I make of,  what is wrong or right

Shall I follow like a foolish goat

The so called peer to that boat

Of regret
Teach me how to walk, Father

Please teach me

For I want to walk in your path,

In your way

For it is in you that I find solace.


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