If your life was a simple piece of poetry, I don’t wanna be the persona of it,
I just wanna be the lines that forms the entire piece.

If your life was made of words and prose. I don’t want to be a part of your paragraph. I just wanna spend a dot or a comma with you.
I don’t ask for much.

If your life was a portrait
I don’t wanna be the hands that painted
But the ink that made you, you.

If you were a tree I wouldn’t want to be the leaves in fear of falling for you even more but the roots so I could always hold on to you till kingdom come.

If your life were work i wouldn’t quit coz in you is where i find happiness.

If you were drowning in an ocean. I don’t want to be the water that suffocates you, but I want to be the waves that carries you safe to the shore.

If your life was of the elements, you wouldn’t be the fire that burns inside me, nor the water that drowns, but the air that breathes life into me.

If your life was gas
I wouldn’t have been the carbon dioxide that can make you choke
But oxygen that is always needed by you
In order to live

If you were a drum, its your heart beats I would dance to.

If you were enchanted your sweet charms I would chant to
Your slaps I would snap to

If we were made birds. I’ll likened us to a Cock and a hen. We’ll have 20 identical hatchlings.

If you were a tree i would be the ground so that i would hold and support you

If you were anywhere around my bed,you’d be my pillow so I could hold on you all night

If you were anything that twinkles
I would always want you to be the only star before my glance
To ignite and reignite my affection.

If you were a dream
That kept recurring every time I sleep
I swore my eyes would stay shut
So that I can see
Your pretty smile,  again and again
For eternity.

If you were an empty canvass,I would colour and paint your embodiement,a masterpiece you will be!

By the ODP family.


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