Ethnic Hatred; The Slow Poison

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Our Daily Poetry™

By: Our Daily Poetry Family

#ODP_Voices – Week 33


ODPoet: Paul Mes, Kenya.

My children gave me fine wine
Trying to impress me
Each with different taste
Claiming theirs was the best
Fighting to be supreme
Who will wear the crown
Who will have the pride on their chest
Oh how I wish they couldn’t insist
For me to pick a favorite
For now I see the chaos in their eyes
The blood lust,  survival for the fittest
All they want to see is death.

ODPoet: Gonzaga, Kenya.

So, here is a story about children. They all grew up wild and free like the daisies up the hills. They talked about cars and dreamt about houses together. They painted a picture of life without paying too much attention to detail. It was abstract. At the time if they stopped, they would sell the painting for thousands or even millions. They…

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