How I need you.

How I need you


Like a candy,
My tongue needs a taste
Of the sweetness
And for sure I shall be dandy

Like every breath I take
Every moment my eyes wake
Like a fish, struggling from  the net of the fisherman wishing to get back to the lake

Like how a car needs fuel to move
I need you by my side to soothe
My so weak heart,  turn  my blues
To some complimentary groove
And I shall be at peace

This is how I need you bad
Jump the bridge
Swim,  through the murky waters towards the ridge
Climb the hill and all I can see
Is the sun,  bright in the east
A face of beauty,  can turn a beast
To be man once more
I need you, just like a clock needs it’s hands to tell the time.

    By Paulo.


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