Dear friend,  is it okay if I take a bit of your time.  I had gone to a government office to inquire about some legal issues when I saw this man at the reception. Casually in jeans and a blue t shirt with sun glasses loosely held by his right hand, with car keys on the left.  And yes,  he wore open shoes.  He had been accompanied by his sister (who  I must say is a beauty) and his mother.  Anyway  at the reception,  the man seemed restless and was eventually bad mouthing the receptionist all because the receptionist was on the phone,  probably speaking to her mother in their own native tongue.  You could see the impatience in this man’s eyes and for a moment,  it was like his heart was saying ‘you worthless woman,  don’t you know am important ‘. Had it not been for the man’s mother  gentleness while speaking to the receptionist,  I swear they wouldn’t be served.  My point being,  yes  I understand you are in a hurry,  yes I  understand that you are important,  yes  I understand that you are pissed because you are not being served in the way you are used to ,  but for Christ’s sake,  could you at least cool down  and for once drop that ego in you.  Be humble.  It’s a virtue that’s free.


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