What are we afraid of
What do we fear the most
The terror in our eyes
Square face and the lies
People feed us
Trying to frighten our wits
In pieces and bits
I can’t climb a tree
I can’t jump from a flying plane hands free
I can’t look straight in the mirror expecting to see a different me

The darkness,
Can we really stand it
Imaginary ghosts
The howl and all they want is our souls
What are you really afraid of
Heard of vampires,
Feed on blood and tears
Their cry so high pitched and weird
Face so pale and queer
Look straight into their eyes you are under their command

Closed doors,
Moving shadows
The space is thin
The room,  so narrow
Are you willing to stay put
Or do you fear that it is you,
The room will swallow

Walking through the park
My lane so different from their path
They see a failure outside but a successful man,
In the making
They question my sanity
But should I listen to them or keep to my heart
And it’s true my eyes sees with clarity,
Their stereotypic glances and snares of despise
Just because, I’m different
They can’t stand my spice

What are you truly afraid of
What do you really fear the most
Is it death
Or a life worth living that ends up being wasted.

    By Paulo.


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