Troubled Joker.


Time, so fast its elapsing
But my state is frozen,
So soft my heart beats, yearning
Though should return, my darling
For another shall not pass
Not until you are by my side

A speck,
A pinch of salt
So did most people about us thought
Yet their eyes of myopia don’t know what we are capable of
Our very duo
Powerful than our own love
Two sides of the coin
Your the head am the tail
The sound goes like ping pong boing
Then they freeze at our success
They get devoured in their jealousy
Their worth to us is less
For we possess the power they seem to lack
We give them the fear they seem to want

I killed a man who hurt you once
I sliced the throat of Tony,
Your poor ex made that angry glance
And more shall die,  more
No one shall hurt my beautiful Frey
No one,

If only you could come back
In you, no more shall I lack
I’m a troubled joker
Just sorting my cards.
         By Mes.


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