A bird of prey.


She is like the birds of prey,
A predator
Feeding on my love
And in the end smearing me with clay
Beak so sharp,
All she wants is a bite of my wallet
Such crap!
Once she’s done, and I’m left with none,
I endure the love,
A smile for a while
A far-fetched laugh
She barks the loudest

She is a bird of prey
Her talons press so hard on me,
I can’t get out of the grip
My heart, she is willing to rip
Into beats and pieces
My skin, left for none to admire
And all my hisses
Die  down in her rage of fire

A bird of prey,
She’s the predator
I’m the prey
Not even my safe waters can play
A vital role in my safety
The invader who I chose to love,
But found out part
Of the whole truth
Her world of crood,
Her sense of rude
It’s money and not me she wants to  choose.
      By Paulo.


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