What to do.


So at this moment you are dumbfounded, thoughts crossing your mind in masses. The main question lingering in you,  Have I done anything wrong.

You drift a couple of years back. The good times,  so you call it.  Three years ago,  such a beauty you saw. Perspiration,  your heart rate increased, you were lost in breath the moment her eyes were looking into yours.  I swear at that very moment, you fell deeply in love with a stranger.

So your legs, all turning feeble and wobbly, took you to the bus stop  where she stood her ears covered by headphones.  At the sight of her,  you could at least estimate her worth. Blending pink clothes with sneakers. Her phone was worth a fortune, her hairstyle unique. She had the scent of money.  You turn to look at her and try to speak, but your tongue is frozen behind your teeth and your lips can barely move.  All of a sudden, she notices you and removes her headphones. Confused,  she asks,  “Are you okay? ”

You answer bluntly,  “No, I’ve just met you.” She smiles for a while before it recedes in less than a minute.  The first time you met. How can you ever forget such a game changing moment?

But that is history now.  You dated for more than a year,  and she was slowly getting fond of you.  As if you could read her thoughts,  you thought she had the anxiety. “When is he going to propose? ”
A dream she has had since 12.

And now you are one knee down, diamond ring at hand, “Will you marry me, Martha? ”

For a moment, you hear the sighs, you see the smile on that beautiful face.  Then it suddenly turns to a face of sadness.  And when you didn’t expect it,  she says no.

What do you mean no?  Don’t you love me? What’s wrong with us getting married? Questions you are willing to ask but you can’t. So you get up, confused. You can feel the rejection bore a hole in your heart. You don’t know what to do, what to say,  but you just can’t let her go.


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