Behind the scenes.


Behind the scenes
We will always hang around at the back
Propping you for your acts on stage
Making you look beautiful, I shall go to the next page
Lines crafted in lyrical prowess
All you have to do,  is just open your mouth and say
“What a beautiful day!”

There we are,
Helping you to your feet once you stumble
Not more than once,  several times you have fallen
But its all practice,
No need for that grim face now,
No need to mumble
The stage is not always nice things
And not every mistake is noticed

Look at you,
Your face shines of beauty
Such a pretty,
Come slowly with those strides,
You don’t want to mess up the main stage
Dance steady and wide
Of course the judges think you are great
Once you win the prize
Never forget us behind the scenes
The ones who make your dreams
A reality,
Then ones who stick with you no matter how many times you fall
The ones you can proudly call
We are and will always be behind the scenes
Giving you the hope you seek,
Providing the love you need
Explaining the state you feel
Forever minding your back
For there’s no much pleasure
Than seeing our influence  taking positive effects in good measure.
     By Silent tone.


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