The love I cannot have.


At one point in my life
You were merely a memory,
One that I cherished so dearly
A breath in my life,
Our separation turned me numb
For years,  there was no one else I could love

But now that I’ve found you,
My biggest hope
From this timeline to the next
Doesn’t matter how many versions of yourself I have met,
It’s you I choose to love,

A flower in my garden,
Plucked when I least paid attention
The fading scent of her made my heart harden
Untill I found the flower on another man’s hand, withered and darken
I snatched the flower and all I could say to her; come back to me

And now we stand,
On opposite lanes of the world
Deep in my heart
Waiting for you to profess your love
But what I fear the most,
There’s no life in it, there’s no pleasure in me
Being your lover,
So speaks your eyes
Am I willing to lose a friend who I’ve known all my life,  to a lover I’ve got drawn to with time?
Or am I a coward enough not trying my chance to see what a life with me and you would feel like?

I look straight into your eyes
My lips freeze,
I can’t say a single word for now, my love .

By Paulo.

photo courtesy of Google.


6 thoughts on “The love I cannot have.

  1. this is really great. there are so many situations out there like this. do you take the risk or not. can the friendship withstand it .if so, the beauty of it is enough to give you heart eyes and blood pumping fast enough to move you forward in happy:)

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