Where’s Alice :Part 2


“Put the gun down, Boris, ” the desperate father spoke.  Boris was reluctant in doing so teasingly snapping my head with the barrel of the gun. “You help me find her and we’ll set you free.” Those were the words I was yearning to hear. I nodded my head in assurance. Later on Boris was ordered to bring me something to eat. He was to do so for the next three weeks,  then past that, I was dead if poor Alice was never found.

The clock was ticking on me.  It was one week living down in the basement feeding on bread and water like a prisoner. Roba had not gotten back to me. This made me wonder whether he was in the hellfire, or whether he was dead. Then as  I and the desperate father got tired of my excuses and waiting, Roba made  contact to ask whether the father was dead. I said yes,  but felt the doubt in his voice. ” I want to see the body, ” he said. “Not until I see the girl, ” I demanded. He spoke in length about the impromptu attack from the boss’ crew searching for a daughter who was as good as dead .Roba had already made a deal to traffick her out of the country.

I told the father everything. All he had to do was to find a way to act dead. I  had already sent word to Roba. He promised to let me see her one last time.  That bastard.  I just had to act by the script,  if I wanted to see her alive.

Like expected,  Alice’s father had many ties almost everywhere. So he was able to obtain a cadaver almost looked similar like the man himself. I took his van,  the cadaver lying at the back seats, covered. I had escorts that night, The boss’ troop had their vehicles treading at a considerable distance from me. The father was definitely not present,  just like always.  He let others do the dirty work for him. Shoot and retrieve, that was the order.

“Mato, you finally bring the body,  immediately I verify it is him,  you will see your girlfriend, ” he spoke boldly.  I opened the door to the van,  and pulled the body out of it.  By then my eyes were surveying the place.  There was a truck out of place by the shade.  The building seemed to be an abandoned house. The place was relatively quiet.

The moment,  the bag carrying the cadaver was being opened,  hell was let loose.  It was a raining of gunfire. “An ambush,  you betray the only true friends who took you out from the dust of misery,  you will never see her again,” A bleeding Roba told me to my face. I had been accidentally shot too and as I fell to my feet,  I saw Roba’s men holding onto Alice,  dragging her to the truck.

“There she is,  there she is! ” I screamed as I lay by my back watching the clear sky. She’s alive.  That’s all I could say. She’s alive.


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