The Big Bad Wolf.


Here the story of the Big bad wolf
The story,  shall I validate it’s true
The wolf
Sharp-razor teeth, magestic fur
Eyes of fury,  strong limbs
They can go far,
Here the story of the wolf
And how it decides to make a fool
Of me and you
Every single chance it gets

He dons the sheep’s skin
Acts just like one of them
Approaches,  and speaks with valour
Just imagine that scene,
“Brothers and sisters, hear me for a moment, please,
I see all you dream of is crossing that river,
Today you are lucky,  for I know how to do so,  but in return,  all I want is that golden bell round my neck, ”
So said the wolf

Look straight to the eyes of the desperate sheep
Awed by this strange looking fellow
Should we listen, should we think
Whispers among themselves
For decades we’ve tried to cross that river,
What if he is our only hope?

Here the story of the big bad wolf
And how he got his golden bell
Crossing the river, helping the sheep
Poor them,  their myopia
They never saw it coming
Watery mouth,  Sharp-razor teeth,
Tongue stuck out,  the wolf wanted to feed.

Here the story of the wolf,
Turning against the sheep
Again and again
And he shall not stop
Unless we close our ears
And pin him down.
       By Paulo.


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