Unexpected Call.


So with steady steps, careful hands I slowly found my way into the kitchen and helped myself considerately to the big chunk of cake that was freezing in the fridge. Slops, chomping I almost choked. I wiped my lips as I searched for other delicacy when the swimming pool in the backyard caught my eyes. Smell of chlorine. I felt the reflection of the sun from the water hit my eyes.

My curiosity and nature of adventure led me to the backyard. I was almost going to dive in the pool when I suddenly saw Alice’s father and his bodyguard Boris walking towards my direction. How I darted out of that position was just unexplainable. With my state of rushing, I bumped into the househelp and she screamed. I was truly in for it this time.

“What’s the problem, Truphena? ” asked Boris clenching his fist. “It was just a rat, ” she said and I got a chance to finally breathe in that broom closet I was hiding in. What a sigh of relief. Apparently, She was the one who helped Alice to get me in her room. I couldn’t remember that though. It was actually a close call.

“You can get out now, “she spoke,  as I went on peeping through the door, watching those two men go out. I opened the door and came out. “You weren’t supposed to leave the room,” the maid started scolding. I just had to tell her the truth. I was extremely hungry. I only wanted to have something to bite on. And as luck would have it,  she gave me a bunch of Chapatis with the left over piece of chicken from last night. Such food would make any man extremely happy,  so I went back to the room and started eating that bunch.

Curiosity, a part of our humanity. Sometimes helpful, other times it leads us to jeopardy. It just had to pester me into getting out of that room once more. This time, I went to the balcony. The atmosphere there was quite welcoming. A sight worth recalling. From a distance, you could see Mount Kenya from the west .The sun was just on its right place, above my head. The ferocious morning cold had been driven off by the growing heat. I could spot some couple of other houses of the same caliber as that one. It was a growing estate of green, controlled population and maximum security.

My phone started ringing. That would have been probably the first time since my accident. It was Roba. Even before I answered it,  I already knew what he wanted to say. “Mato, where are you.  I went by the hospital this morning, your bed was empty and the nurse in charge of you kind of told me that you were being chased by some bloke, ” that is roughly what I thought he would say but that was just something meager to him. He had bigger fish to fry. “Last night, another package of ours got hit. The two drivers of the truck were found dead by a dumping site near our drop point.  I don’t know who did it yet but if I could make an educated guess,  it’s your girlfriend’s father.”

My lips froze,  my tongue became solid as rock. How did he know about Alice. Or the better question,  how did he know that Alice was related to the C. E. O of Retrospect Co.
I was extremely baffled at the same time feeling a sense of fright. I had heard that Roba had exemplary skills,  when it came to profiling someone. Now I had just seen it in action.

“You wish not to speak,  we are not interested in the girl for now. We just want the father. I reckon you are at their home. Making it easy for us. Just one swipe past his neck, that is what it takes. ” ” I can’t just kill a man, ” I spoke trying to maintain my dignity. “You have to, ” “I won’t do it, ” “The clock is ticking,  and guess what,  we’ve got the girl.” The man had just told me he wasn’t interested in the girl,  now he has the girl who barely knew me,  that beauty who saw the light in me. To get her,  I had to do the impossible,  kill her own father in cold blood.  As I tried to do a negotiation, Roba hang up on me.

It dawned to me,  ever since Roba enlarged his territory in the drug business,  he had been busy studying this philanthropist who was masquerading as a good soul. It took him three months to know his vulnerability,  his daughter. After the stash got hit a month ago,  he had already planned to kidnap the poor girl but had a change of plans which led to the revenge heist.  Now he was just doing what he started months ago.

I was confused,  I was lost.  I was in a state of breathlessness. If there was one thing I wished was to run away from all of it.  I sat at Alice’s bed,  slowly moving my fingers through her sheets, feeling the fabric. Feeling solace at heart as if she were truly in my presence. When that door was knocked,  I never realized for I was deeply drawn into the world of fantasy. I did not notice his father walk to me.


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