Fast Lane.


“I think am not sick anymore, ” I whispered and she turned her eyes on me, smiling.  “Get some rest, Mato.” She rose from her seat beside my bed. I swore she gave me a peck on the cheek before she walked out with perfect strides swaying her hips side to side. I watched her fade from my sight, and then smiled. Such beauty, who wouldn’t want her?

That Friday night, like any Friday night, the vicinity was filled with noise, laughter, merry making, neon lights blinking in and out. Friday, a time to let yourself loose and dance to the groove. In fact the hospital staff had a swift exchange of shifts, no one was willing to work in a Friday night apart from that old mean looking nurse who gave me a couple of injections behind my bum. Damn, they were so painful. But that night she was too busy probably reading one of those women magazines, legs crossed on top of the reception desk, swinging by the chair while sipping some hot cocoa. She was busy doing this that she did not realize that bulk of a man slip into my room.

“So you thought it was over, ” that voice was far much worse than scary. A hand squeezed my neck. I was floating looking straight into the eyes of my attacker. I was losing my breath. I tried to get out of the grip but my hands were too weak to remove his. In the end I found myself biting his hand, he let go and I stabbed him with the needle that was in my hand. I stabbed his eye and he let out a yell, fit to shake the building to rubbles.
The old mean looking nurse came to the rescue. I was already gone. I couldn’t stay in that hospital. But neither could the big man. As I turned to look back,  I saw him, one hand on his left eye, trying to catch up with me. I was growing fatigue every single stride I took. He was actually gaining on me. I felt his finger try to catch my cloth. Judgement day had come for me.

One push on the exit door, he was already trying to bring me down, but my agility made him end up tripping. That was bound to buy me some time. All of a sudden, I bumped into Alice. She read my face and new I was in danger. The moment she saw Boris(her Dad’s bodyguard) we were already rushing into her car. Boris was a fraction of a minute late, for we were far gone.

All through the journey, I was drifting off. A moment my eyes were open, the next, they were closed .She was driving that BMW too fast. Switching lanes, she almost hit an incoming vehicle. The road was not condensed with cars as it is always, that was definitely a unique Friday. I felt a skid, maybe two. A drift and the car came to a halt.

“Alice, you trying to kill me, ” I whispered. She helped me out of the car. And oh my that house. Was that a golden bungalow, just so magnificent. It surely had a couple of rooms. Alice wrapped my hand round her shoulder helping me to walk. We went stealthily for the house was quiet and the lights were off. We took the stairs, left corridor a blue door. That was Alice’s room.

“You’ll stay here for a while, dad’s a little cautious about the guest rooms, “she said but by then I was slowly passing out.

I woke up the next day. It was a chilly Saturday. “I was worried you wouldn’t come to, ” that beautiful voice ,how it lightens my world. “You have a little fever, but you’ll be nice and you should eat. ” Breakfast in bed. No one has ever done something so nice to me like that. I wouldn’t mind toast with some fried eggs and coffee. So, like a man who had not had a decent meal for the past three or four days,  I gobbled up that breakfast in a matter of seconds. Alice just smiled back at me.

“You should rest,  I’m going to school. Listen you stay here, no wandering around .It’s not safe for you,” she said and started leaving. “Wait, where did you sleep? ” I just had to ask because I was sleeping on her bed. “Rest Mato, Rest,” she said that smiling and then left.

Even though Alice had told me to stay still, I just couldn’t. I had already eaten that lunch she had left for me and with time, my tummy wanted some more. Just a sneak into the kitchen, who would know. That was the voice in my head drawing me out of Alice’s room. I took small steps minding myself, going down those stairs quietly. Then I heard a sound.  It was a vacuum cleaner. Probably one of the many workers of Alice’s dad doing some cleaning. With all that noise,  she wouldn’t notice me.


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