Beauty,  when I look at you,
I see beauty
Move your arms to my head
Lean your head towards mine
Your lips,
So sweet,  if you don’t mind
May I just have a taste of them

Look at your eyes
Who can resist such a powerful sight
Its like you look through me and see my soul
Glowing eyes,
Even this cold
Can’t win in your presence
Eyes pearl, eyes of solace

Sway your hips side to side
That figure,
I swear the envy, the last it’s real
Look at them take a peak
Some girls even wish
They had a flawless body like yours,
My queen

My heart is beating
Its your soft skin I wish to touch
It’s you beauty I wish to love
That dark hair of silk
Brushing straight into me
Oh my queen, oh my queen
Please never leave me.

     By Paulo.


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