Finally met Alice.


Darkness. I can’t stand such a sight. The smell of sedative was wearing off and I could feel my eyes flinch in small blinks. Darkness, I couldn’t decipher where I truly was. Two or three men mumbling in hoarse voices. Feet shuffling towards. All of a sudden my eyes were blinking to the light. One punch on the nose one punch to my right eye. I was in a state of confusion. “Now that we’ve got your attention, the boss would like to speak to you.”

“Wipe that bloody nose of his, I can’t stand the sight of blood, ” it was one of those familiar faces. A man in his mid fifties, grey hair, considerately brown and wrinkled by the forehead as a result of stress and pressure that comes from excessive working hours. He smelt filthy. Oh wait, Mugambi. Wasn’t he like the multi-billionaire who was like some big chief in every single company in the country. It finally hit me about the bank heist we did earlier in the day.

“So you are one of those delinquents who hit my bank and killed my manager, give me one reason not to kill you, ” He spoke in a soft gentlemanly kind of voice. I was dead, oh gosh I was dead. He then took out his gun and put it to my head. He was almost pulling the trigger when we heard a beautiful voice call the big man. I presume it was his daughter. Such a beautiful voice,  I swear I fell in love with her even before I met her.

“Give him a beating he won’t forget, that would be enough to send a message, ” He spoke and marched out of the room, living me transfixed on a chair surrounded by six men. Need I say more. Just know I felt a knife go through my stomach and my body turning numb. Otherwise, I felt a black-out.

I woke up in hospital. Felt a little bit fatigue and every single part of my body was aching. It was Friday. I was out for a full week. Once I came to, the first person I saw was Roba. “Who did this to you? ” he asked  but could a single word come out of my mouth. I just felt blood in my mouth. So I signalled him to come close, pointing out of the window by my bed. Retrospect Co.  The banner on top of that three story building red so…pointing to the building made of glass quite tall. “That billionaire piece of shit got to you, he will pay soon. You rest, we will hit him when he least expects,” Roba spoke with passion.

In as much as I always wanted out of the clique, they were always family. They were always there for me. Family means, no one is left behind, and they understood that very well. So it would be a little bit tricky if I walked on them. There wasn’t much I could do so,  I drifted into sleep once more.

“You are going to die, ” the big boss spoke in a loud voice with a gun on my head. Then that beautiful voice sang to my ears. “You are dead.” The trigger was pulled. I woke up sweating, pulse rate rising so fast. On looking to my right, I saw a sight of beauty. Brown complexion. Red lips, brown eyes, long silky hair and a perfect smile.

“Finally,  you are awake? ” “Who are you? ” I finally got my speech back. “My father truly wanted you dead, but I couldn’t let him so I insisted in bringing you here, ” she said in that sweet voice of hers. I tried to speak but she interrupted, “I know what your friends did, I believe you are not a bad person and you deserve a second chance,  what’s your name? ” “Mato,” I said smiling. “Nice to meet you Mato,  you can call me Alice, ” Alice,  I like that name,  I love her voice. She is strikingly beautiful.


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