My precious, the moment our path crossed
You stole my heart,
Such beauty, such flame, who wouldn’t want to be
With you
And now you’ve made me so clumsy that my head’s a mess
The word that can clearly describe you, my babe
I feel the confidence within
In fact, you’ve got me growing taller everyday
My true, you surely reveal
Look at you,  oh that sweet face
Those lips, covered in pinkish-red
I want them

For this moment,  the world grows small
Focus on the two of us;
We are giants in a little man’s world
Oh, when you touch my skin
I swear,  my heart is pumping up so big that it could burst

Am standing still
Waiting for you to come back
And nothing else truly matters
Now you are not here
So where are you
I’ve been calling you
I’m missing you
You’ve got me going crazy over you
Though the distance sometimes feels like a burden
I don’t mind because it’s a chance to fall in love once again
Living like the first time we met
Such a sweet moment,
And where else can I go
Chasing you?
Even though some of our memories are turned to dust
All I hope and wish, from now and forever;
Please don’t bury us
Because I got you.
      By Paulo.


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