A free will a free soul
What’s your deed, what’s your goal
This life needs more people like you
Who see as it is and not perceive
As the world wants it to be
That cup of Boldness
I would love a sip
Oh I wish the cost was cheap
But my heart is not willing to see
Past the thread of what is false and what is real

A character who decides her own destiny
The author of her own reality
Rules don’t apply to you
For if you are bound with them,
Then that will be Insanity

Let them cry and roll on the ground
Let them put a bullet to their heads
Let them hang in their own guilt
Let them bleed in a pool of their own lies
All because of the truth they are willing to deafen their ears not to hear
Darkness and light is among us
The question is,  are we willing to accept that fact?
      By Paulo.


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