Social Media.


My trusted media
Cheers,  grab a beer
The work you do is splendid
In seconds a propaganda you spread
In minutes you render a man dead
My friend, you are the ears and eyes of this generation
The Will to change a man’s thought is in your hands
Oh what a terrible creation
Leaked sex tapes across the nation
A discreet conversation kills a man’s reputation
With just one screenshot
The innocence in our lives
It fades away
That’s your biggest obligation

And oh,  how could I forget
The pace of life some have to keep with
Because of social media
They opt to have flashy lifestyles and be
Exactly as you plan them to be
Money,  pools of it,
Selfie taken
A golden Range Rover,  so sleek
Selfie taken
The best restaurant to your treat
Selfie taken
This is not our lives (not yet)
So the pressure is real
And I bet,
If your social life is not any fabrication or scheme
Social media has not gotten into your skin.

The difference between real and fake
Ask that to the media
In a relationship with bae
Not everyone is happy for you
So watch the content you display
For it will always come back to you.
       By Paulo.


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