Sweet Jenny.


Sweet Jenny
Sweet precious Jenny
How shall I describe,
A flower, a rose
Smell that fragrance
Oh how it lightens my nose
All I ever want is a garden full of those
For you make my heart at ease

Yes, come fly to me
Don’t shy away
Just let our connection be
And even though it seems unbelievable
Our destiny has a role to play

Your eyes, how hypnotic
Your sensational smile, how fantastic
Your lips, I believe ; red as blood and somehow elastic
If wanting you all for myself is being selfish
Let it be so
For all I want to do is touch that fare skin
Kiss those soft lips
And  compose a song bit by bit

You are my melody
I play the guitar, you vibrate the strings
I play the piano, you tap your feet on the keys
I sing as loud as I can
Take my hand and let’s dance
For tonight, it’s you and me.
      By Paulo.


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