The Flash


I know mostly that my blog is about poetry… I just had to say something about one of my favorite series  The Flash

The second season has actually proven to be a mover to me.. With its splashes of emotions and curiosity (Like Dr. Snow falling in love with Jay Garrick who is actually Zoom and Iris finally opening her heart on how she feels about Barry and of course the man in the iron mask and of course Harrison Wells of Earth two) What’s even more interesting is the introduction of the parallel universe notions (best known as multiverse)  and the time remnants scenes(Explains why reverse Flash came back to Central City even after being erased in season one) and of course the Time wraiths (ghost like creatures who hunt and kill speedsters who abuse the speed force while traveling through time) My most memorable part of this series is that episode in Earth two where Barry’s doppelganger is actually married to Iris (Just like it should be in the future)

I won’t lie.. I am more than willing to watch this series more than once.  But here is where it pisses me of. The second last episode when Zoom kills Barry’s dad in front of him..


This is actually a base of change for the series because the seemingly enthusiastic Flash experiences a major breakdown which clouds his judgement at the end. Even after defeating Zoom he could not hold the feeling of losing both of his parents (to add insult to injury, the real Jay Garrick who was the man in the iron mask was actually the doppelganger of Barry’s Dad) ..After Iris opens her heart to Barry and they have that Iconic kiss(finally) Our friend the Flash decides to travel through time to save her mom not knowing the repercussions of his actions… Well, we’ll just have to wait for season three now, shall we?


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