The Moment I almost died.


It might sound a little bit crazy when I say that there was a moment in my life that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t see the dawn of day. It was a Dark Month for me,  for I had lost my Best friend (he was so young.. He didn’t have to die)
So yes,  I’m not used to tragic events.. I always believed that such a terrible thing could never happen close to my doorstep. My heart broke.. And all I could think of is death… Why was he the one leaving and not me? Is he really dead?  With the passing time,  I swore I had(and still have)  this dreams about him,  growing up and being this iconic basketballer like his life role model Kobe Bryant …but every time I saw him at the b. Ball court.. He would always slide and fall to his death (at this moment I am still afraid of basketball)… And I would always ask him the same question.. Why did you leave us so soon?… All the memories we shared.. The mischief we did while young… The trees we climbed.. The games we played… My life changed that month… My life force consumed itself in the inside.. I was dead at heart… Just a walking body with no soul… And when that night,  the moment I felt every bit of my body crumpling.. My heart beat slowing.. My breath becoming faint,  My eyes failing to open.. I knew  My day had come… Then I saw that beast of a man  bellowing at my lost soul… Saying that there was no good to struggle waking up.. Because I was dead.. But I felt a voice in my ears telling me to wake up.. My time was far from over… But I couldn’t feel my body… In my heart,  I made that prayer.. Praise God,  I could move my tongue… And gradually my eyes open and Oh,  my it  was a beautiful dawn that day..


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