Second Chance


Girl, I don’t know how to start this
At one point we were a thing
I didn’t mean to hurt you that way
Babe,  please
Give me one more chance
And I promise not to mess up this time

It hurts me to see you hurt
Crying,  tears drawing lanes on your beautiful face
Dying on your lips
Perhaps if I were those tears
All I could ever wish
Was to only fall when you are happy
And oh,  your kiss
Shall I lie when I say I miss it
Your fare skin
I’m always ready to be
There for you, babe

I know mistakes define us human beings
But I won’t use that bit
As an excuse for making you feel
Sick of me
Please,  my dear,  please forgive  me
Let’s start a fresh my lady
I know I might sound crazy
For saying this,
Like the first time we met
Am ready to fall in love with you again
And hope you are ready to fall in love with me too.
      By Mes.



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