Police brutality
Why is it filled with much insanity
Just because a group of protesters
Find it best to hold peaceful demonstration
So that their rights can be heard from
The top chain government officials
Who speak but lack to do
Who eat but not pay us our due

Why beat up a citizen squeezed up by your own greedy mentality



Inflation, corruption… We just need some clarity
Blood for blood
Stones over our heads
The police try to beat us dead
Just because we want to be heard
Just because we want a fair world
We want fairness and truth
Not you being cruel and rude

We have a right to speak out
Please Mr. Policeman as we do so,
Don’t shoot us down.
        By Paulo.


5 thoughts on “POLICE BRUTALITY

      1. Oh no, they are to enforce the law but are subject to the law as well. No one is above the law. It’s just that, it us not enforced on them when they fault


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