It rains
And all that pain
Crumpling my able legs
Fade away
It rains
It showers with your unending greatness
Your face forming above the clouds
Like a beautiful painting
Skillfully done by Picasso
Every brush stroke, every fragment
Showcasing the natural art of cubism
So simple yet complex
Your face, it rains
The shape of your pearl eyes,
It rains
Your lips magnificently curved to the shape of our love
It rains
Am I forbidden to bite my lip
With satisfaction
Gaze my eyes with craving
Due to your body of figure
That makes me so eager
To be with you
My princess,
It rains heavily not of rain
But it rains of that love we feel for each other,
I am so deeply lost in you
And it seems you are deeply lost in me too
But it’s with love we find ourselves in each other.
       By Silent tone.


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